5 Tips To Ease Your Child’s Dental Fears


Dental Anxiety: 5 Tips To Ease Your Child’s Dental Fears

Often, the fear of the unknown is the foundation of dental fears and anxiety in children. As parents, you have the ability to prepare your children for a lifetime of positive dental experiences. Here are a few tips that Children’s Dental Center recommends to ease your child’s dental fears:

Prepare Your Child

Even if your child doesn’t have teeth yet, start cleaning their gums with a baby toothbrush or your finger after each feeding. Introducing good oral hygiene at an early age prepares kids for dental procedures later on. The American Dental Association recommends children visit the dentist within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. Children’s Dental Center welcomes parents and children to stop by the office at any time before their appointment for a tour!

Educate Your Child

Use your child’s first dental visit as a building block to establish a lifetime of positive dental habits. Help young children prepare for their first visits by reading books about visiting the dentist. There are an abundance of books and online resources available to prepare young minds for their dental visits, including educational games, fun games and videos!

Share With Your Child

Share your positive dental experiences with your child! At the same time, be honest with them about what they can expect at their visits. Keep in mind that there are age appropriate ways to explain what might occur. The dentists and dental assistants at Children’s Dental Center are trained to use age-appropriate terminology when dealing with children, and are always open to questions from them before, during and after their visit.

Be Consistent With Your Child

Make dental visits a priority. Familiarity with the dentist empowers a child to know what to expect each time they visit. Make sure the entire family attends the dentist on a regular basis. Invite your child to come with you to your dental checkups, and make healthy dental habits part of your family routine. The more you go, the more likely your pediatric dentist can catch small problems and prevent them from becoming bigger ones.

Have Fun With Your Child!

Above all, have fun! At Children’s Dental Center, we believe that Dentistry Is Fun! Bring their favorite toy or book to your appointment for a sense of familiarity and comfort. All Children’s Dental Group offices are equipped with movie theaters, game consoles and tons of friendly smiles so your child will want to make dentistry a priority in their lives for years to come!

Remember, preparation, education, honesty, consistency and fun all help in easing fears, so that your child’s dental visits are positive experiences. Children’s Dental Center is here to work with you! We welcome any questions and are here to help along the way – contact us any time!

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