Fun Easter Facts

Easter_Childrens_Dental_Group3Happy Easter from Children’s Dental Center!  We found some fun Easter facts for you!

  • Americans eat about 16 million jelly beans every Easter.
  • “Easter” was named from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, or Eastre, who was known for spring time celebrations and fertility.
  • Giving eggs is a tradition that dates back even farther than Easter.
  • Americans purchase 2.6 billion eggs each March.
  • 89% of Americans believe the proper way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny is ears first!
  • 81% of parents steal candy from their kids’ stash.
  • 19% of parents lie about not stealing candy from their kids stash.
  • 15,873 pounds is the weight of the largest-ever chocolate Easter egg.
  • 1.5 billion marshmallow Peeps will be given for Easter, which means 1.4 billion marshmallow Peeps will be thrown away the day after Easter.
  • Easter is the second-best holiday for candy retailers.

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