Our Partners

These are the groups that make what we do at Children's Dental Center possible.

Health Trust

About The Health Trust A charitable foundation based in San Jose, The Health Trust’s mission is to lead the Silicon Valley community to advance wellness. The Health Trust was founded in 1996 from the sale of three local nonprofit hospitals. It primarily targets underserved communities in Santa Clara and northern San Benito counties through direct services, grants and advocacy. Its areas of concern include food access, aging, oral health, HIV/AIDS and management of chronic diseases. To address the oral health crisis in Santa Clara County, The Health Trust opened two Children’s Dental Centers in collaboration with Children’s Dental Group. The Health Trust also operates an oral health education program and is leading a community water fluoridation campaign. 

The vision of The Health Trust is to make Silicon Valley the healthiest region in America for everyone, a place where all residents can achieve optimal health throughout their lifetime, no matter their background, income, race, ethnicity or age. The Health Trust believes that health care does not just take place in a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. For everyone to achieve optimal health, the community itself must become a place that supports the health of all its residents.

For more information, visit www.healthtrust.com

First 5

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County support the healthy development of children ages 0-5 and enrich the lives of their families and communities.

Our Goals 

We will fulfill our mission by targeting our resources and partnerships to meet specific goals in five areas:

  • Health Access: Children are born healthy and experience optimal health and development.
  • Family Support: Families provide safe, stable, loving and stimulating homes.
  • Early Care and Education: Children enter school fully prepared to succeed academically, emotionally and socially.
  • Neighborhood Support: Neighborhoods and communities are places where children are safe, neighbors are connected and all cultures are respected.
  • Systems Change: Systems are responsive to the needs of children and families.

El Camino Hospital

El Camino Hospital is a nonprofit organization with hospital campuses in Mountain View, California and Los Gatos, California. Our hospitals have served communities in the South San Francisco Bay Area for more than 50 years. We strive to provide superlative care by focusing on patients’ needs, rather than on shareholders’ demands, and by incorporating the latest, proven medical technology and attracting the best medical staff and affiliated physicians.

Ours is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to improve the health and well being of the community. Our hospital is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the California Department of Public Health and the California Medical Association. We are a member of the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California, the Association of California Healthcare Districts, and the American Hospital Association.

Our organization has a long history of contributing to the South Bay community; we will continue to enhance our contributions to the community in the years to come.