Questions To Ask Your Child’s Dentist

Questions_To_Ask_Your_Childs_Dentist_CDC At Children’s Dental Center, we feel that an interactive patient / doctor relationship is key to maintaining a healthy smile for a lifetime. That’s why we encourage patients and parents to ask questions at their children’s dental visits. Here are some examples of questions we feel can spark important discussions about oral health:

Is my child brushing correctly?


How can I help my child brush better?


What type of toothbrush would you recommend for my child?


Are we flossing correctly?


Do you have any particular concerns about my child’s teeth or gums?


Should my child wear a mouth guard when playing sports? If so, for what sports?


What exactly does my child’s oral health assessment mean, and how can be of help in improving my child’s oral health?


Is there anything I can do to make my next visit at Children’s Dental Group better?

Children’s Dental Center believes that education is the key to preventing childhood tooth decay. We’re committed to providing a forum where parents and pediatric dental professionals can discuss preventative dental care. We encourage parents, educators and doctors to check back frequently for more fun facts, articles and activities!

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