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Click below for a FREE, FUN Dental Tooth-brushing Printout Chart for kids from Children’s Dental Center!  This fun chart will get kids excited about brushing their teeth!  Includes daily check-off boxes to help kids remember to brush their teeth twice a day – morning and night!  Great for kids to use themselves, or for a […]

All About My Teeth Free Dental Printout

Click here for a FREE, FUN Dental printout for the kids from Children’s Dental Center!  This fun activity sheet will get kids excited about their teeth!  Includes space to draw their smile, a space to write three words to describe their teeth, a space to fill in the number of teeth they’ve lost, and a […]

Teaching Kindergartners About Oral Health

Have a child in Kindergarten? Children’s Dental Center found some fun resources for teaching kids about oral health! National Kindergarten Day National Kindergarten Day is celebrated annually on April 21st. This day honors Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel (April 21, 1782 – June 21, 1852) who is credited for starting the very first Kindergarten in Germany […]

FREE Tooth Counting Card Printouts!

Children’s Dental Center’s FREE Tooth Counting Cards help your children practice counting from 1 to 10! Each set of cards has fun tooth pictures to count and a choice of three numbers. Have your children count the pictures in the set and select the number that corresponds with the correct number of teeth! Download PDF’s […]