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Tips For Parents From the American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s Dental Center is proud to share this tip sheet from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  It offers pointers on communicating good oral health to your little ones, broken down by age group, including birth to two years old, two to five years old and school aged children. Download to learn more! TIPS FOR […]

Don’t Let Stress Zap Your Teeth!

How Stress Affects Your Oral Health Source: Web MD Too much stress affects your whole body, including your mouth, teeth, and gums. The potential impact includes: Mouth sores, such as canker sores and cold sores Clenching or grinding your teeth Not taking care of your teeth Eating a bad diet Gum (periodontal) disease or worsening […]

Deciphering Your Dental Insurance

Deciphering Dental Insurance Video: Why Doesn’t My Insurance Pay For This? Understanding Your Insurance If your employer offers dental insurance, consider yourself fortunate. This benefit works like a valuable “coupon” that can greatly reduce the costs of dental care. However, no dental benefit plan is set up to cover all of your costs. To avoid […]

Brush Up On Your Dental Health!

Test your dental IQ with this myth-busting quiz! Everyone knows that brushing, flossing and eating healthy helps prevent tooth decay, but do you know : The effects of teeth bleaching? How long you should hold slowly dissolving candies in your mouth? Take this quiz and see how your dental knowledge measures up! Tooth Or Fiction: […]

Quick Tips for Busy Parents: Brush Up On Tooth-Brushing

Brush Up On Your Tooth-Brushing Brush Up On Tooth-Brushing Tooth-Brushing is one of the easiest methods of cavity prevention. But which type of toothbrush should your child use? Manual or powered, both can assist with keeping your child’s smile cavity-free. When choosing a manual toothbrush, look for round-ended (polished) bristles that clean while being gentle […]